Chronicles Chapters Corners Our goal is to extract inspiration from every corner of our country. We want to leave no cities untouched. The deeper we scrutinise the places, the merrier it gets. Click here to find people from your city. Corners Chronicles Chapters We know exactly what you’re looking for, hence we have the most motivating stories of all on our menu. Read the one you relate with the most and read others to know you’re not the only one. Corners Chronicles Chapters This phase shall pass too. Don’t feel disheartened, this is just one chapter of your life. We are here to help you move on to the next one of your life, how to do so you ask? Click here to check which chapter are you and execute the tips.

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BOOKS TO BRISTLES: A journey of an engineer to painter.

BOOKS TO BRISTLES: A journey of an engineer to painter.

My love-like relationship as a painter and my life as an artist. Everyone around me was settling down and I chose a path of struggle- I absolutely loved sketching and painting from the earlier days of my childhood, but that was just for fun, like all the other kids. I took part in so many […]

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How to find something you love to do?

How to find something you love to do?

Belonging to a well-to-do Sindhi traditional family, my father always dreamt of the day his son would take over the family business he built over the years, but who knew, I had different plans for myself. Being the black sheep of your house is never easy, you’re always drenched in everyone’s expectations to the point […]
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