Adopt and not shop!

Adopt and not shop!

Why do we need to adopt and not shop! #adoptdontshop

Caravan Hound, Jonangi, Kanni, Combai, Pandikona, Rajapalayam, Rampur Greyhound, these are the names of Indian breed dogs that are fighting for their lives every day. They live on scraps and sometimes starve to death.

Here at Social Coffee, we would like you to give them a chance at survival by adopting them or sponsoring them. Why do you need to adopt a stray?

You save a life – When you adopt a stray or an abandoned pet, you help actually save a life. The dog if left to the elements of nature or in a shelter would probably be put down after a period of time. You give them a second chance at life.

You help stop mass breeding – The only reason puppy mills are so active and flourishing is because people are obsessed with buying younger animals. If we just adopt pets to give them a better life and not focus on buying animals it will help curb this problem.

You stop overpopulation – Another problem that we face is of having an overpopulation of stray animals. If we adopt them, we break the cycle. It helps in curbing the growth of the population, by providing a home for the already existing animals.

You adopt an adult animal – Pets or strays are generally ones who are grown up and who are trained to a certain extent as they are adult animals. You won’t have to go through the process of training the animal all over again and they will quickly adapt to you.

You don’t have to cater to them – Strays basically are smarter and quickly adapt to the home environment. They do not have any behavioural issues and neither do they require too much extra attention.

You pay less – Indian breeds are acclimatised to the Indian climate. They are more adaptive to the place and hence there would be less medical expenses and would reduce the money you spend on them. They also can easily be fed simple homemade food.

You have a forever friend – Animals tend to be eternally grateful to humans when they chose them, even more so when they save their lives. This bond will last for their entire lifetime and give you the utmost satisfaction.

We hope that we have managed to create some awareness towards adopting an animal and sensitised you to the topic.

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