How to Live a Single Life?- Ways To be Single and Happy

How to Live a Single Life?- Ways To be Single and Happy

Just got out of a relationship? Have been single for a long time and still not content with your life? Reading this blog in search for ways to make this phase of your life easier? Do the questions ‘why am I single?’ ‘Am I not good enough?’ cross your mind often? 

Trust us, we can empathise, we exactly know how lonely it can get when the one person you dreamt to spend the rest of your life with, leaves. Every promise you made, the songs you shared, the inner jokes, the never ending phone calls, the private moments, everything just ended in a second. 

But is leading a single life that difficult? People have created a very negative image of the word single. Being in a relationship with yourself is equally essential. It’s imperative to stay single for a while before entering into any kind of relationship. You have to give yourself the time to heal before you fall in love again. It is going to happen, someone is going to be in love with all your forms, but for you to reciprocate with the same energy, you need to fall in love with yourself first.

How to Begin Enjoying Your Single Life:

Focus on Your Goals:

A person who is ambitious is far more attractive than a person with no goals. you don’t have to be in a relationship to be workaholic. You have yourself. That’s the only person you need right now. a relationship with your goals is the one that is going to last forever. The harsh truth is, you are the only person that is not going to give up on you. Set your goals right, know what you want and then plan out on how you are going to achieve them. Stay busy and directed on ways to be self-sufficient. Before someone else enters yourself to suffice you, you need to make sure you can do yourself right without them.


You are SINGLE, not ALONE:

People often confuse the term single with alone. A loving family and supportive friends, how can you be alone? It is normal to feel alone at times but doesn’t mean you actually are. Catch up with your friends, facetime your cousins, hang out with your mom over tea, watch the news with your dad, annoy your siblings, you have so blessed, we envy you. Single time gives you so much to learn, and bonds so many other relationships. Life took one person away from you, gave 10 others but. Make a pact with your best friend, every weekend you will spend time together. 


Reconnect With Yourself:

Remember how badly you wanted to watch that movie but your partner didn’t so you couldn’t too? The time you wanted to try that new restaurant but your partner did not like that particular cuisine? Well yeah, no one is stopping you to do your favorite things now. Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Do things alone. Go out with yourself, it could be jogging, movie night, reading, dance classes, what not actually. This is your time to figure things that you absolutely love doing, that bring you peace, and never stop doing them. Spending time with yourself is what’s going to bring you clarity. You will be more clear in terms of what you want and what you don’t. You will stop settling for less, because now you know what you deserve.  


Organize Your Life With a Routine:

Messy life will lead to more frustration and anger even in the smallest matters. Make a routine to fix all the time slots of your day. Start your day with workouts and yoga, those will help you freshen up and be fully awake and energetic for the following day. Good sleep is so important. 8 hours, yes you absolutely need them. Skip on cutting your sleep. All those lonely thoughts have a tendency to haunt us after 12AM, isn’t it? Do not give yourself the time to think about them. You are so lucky, getting to live a single and happy life. In spite of all this, don’t forget to be spontaneous at times, those are the best moments though.


Don’t be Afraid To Fall In Love Again:

It was an excruciating heartbreak, we get it. It took you so long to accept the reality and to be finally able to pick yourself up. Trust us, the right person won’t leave, he/she is just around the corner. Stop looking for them and start loving and living your life. They will come when it’s meant to be, and not when you want them too. And when they do, don’t push them away. Be open to love again with all your heart and soul. It wasn’t love who was at fault, it was the person you fell in love with. Go out on dates, be more open to trying out new things. Take it slow, know the person a lot more personally before taking any kind of decision. We know this time, it’ll be the right now. 

We know how difficult this has been for you, don’t worry we are here. Remember what we learned today? You are your only forever, everyone else is just a tag along. Let’s normalize being single and happy.

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