Photography-A way to See the Life Through Lens

Photography-A way to See the Life Through Lens

Being a photographer in a country like India is painstaking as you do not get the respect you deserve for choosing it as your profession. But I found photography as my true calling and it also helped me to connect with the world in multiple ways – physical, emotional as well as spiritual.

I grew up with both academic and artistic penchants and always aimed to do something meaningful in life. I pursued a career in engineer but after a successful corporate stint of 11 years, I moved on to chase my true passion – photography and that has been Ikigai ever seen. 

Dreaming big has always been a constant in my life journey and I knew I needed commitment hard work. For the better half of my photography career which spans across a decade, I was self-taught and savored all the learning experiences that came my way. A year into my photography career I was blessed with motherhood, but instead of considering it as limiting, I was empowered to scale greater heights.

Having no support system in the city, while pursuing an offbeat career choice, was quite challenging for me. But I took it in my stride and faced everything head on which not only helped me grow professionally but personally too.

My focus was on mastering the craft and simultaneously upholding a work-life balance

I am one of the pioneers of child and lifestyle photography in India and my work features several genres from baby to wedding photography. I’ve had my work prominently featured on several prints and digital media platforms and received many laurels while also being felicitated for excellence in photography and women entrepreneurship. 

At ‘The Memory Keeper’, I’m pursuing my purpose to touch lives through my art, connect with people, document the happiness in their lives, and share happiness with others. With over thousands of happy clients, I consider myself incredibly blessed to have a fulfilling career and create employment opportunities for others while enjoying an optimum work-life balance at the same time.

I am a photography educator as well and my aim is to empower people to develop their vision and rise to their full potential as artists.

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