A cohesive space for art, words and online newsletters

A cohesive space for art, words and online newsletters

Being inspired by poems and literature since the age of 10, writing has become my whole life. From my teenage emo poems as a kid to writing online newsletters for The Alipore Post. I feel literature is one of the most beautiful forms of communication. 

The Seed of Everything :

It all started when I used to consume a lot of newsletters back in school. I got exposed to the concept of newsletters. Actual poetry that wasn’t what we studied. Something that was relatable on a personal level. Apart from my general love for poetry, my interest grew when one of my seniors asked me to manage her own newsletter for a week. It was then I comprehended I had to start something of my own. 

My main aim is to inspire individuals. To find people who find value and meaning in what I do and share. I try to share things that resonate with them. I try to introduce people to the better side of poetry and art. To inspire them to do their own thing and explore the world of poetry and come across various writing styles of writing.

Beginning and Process of the Alipore Post :

The name ‘The Alipore Post’ comes from the place I am originally from Alipore, in Kolkata. The post because I wanted to feel like a letter that goes out to my readers. You can tell my love for handwritten letters and postcards, in general. 

So the online newsletter and the journal require two different head spaces and varied processes. The journal requires me to call for artists and submissions, curation and then turning it into an editorial calendar. It mainly focuses on young artists who are using the post as a platform to get their own voice and recognition. Whereas the newsletter has no limits- It could be an international poet or just a YouTube slam piece as well. It’s something curated by me and has no limitations or boundaries, just my thoughts that go into it. 

Chitthi Exchange:

The Chitthi exchange is a pen pal project that I started in August 2020. It hit me that after the lockdown, everyone around us sensed a feeling of isolation and quarantine. It all was leading to loneliness. The main idea is to pair people together from all over the country and the world.  Letting them exchange their thoughts, their experiences in the form of letters and get to know each other better. 

The Underlying Future :

The post had always been my side project. I love doing it, it keeps me on my toes. It helps me realize the amount of good art present out there. I surely do have plans where I plan to find like-minded brands. People who are ready to lend in what I do and the message I want to put out there.  There are times that are overwhelming such as not responding to people on time. I feel really guilty when I am not able to revert to a subscriber or a person who has sent their work for submissions- it just isn’t fair to the people. Secondly, I want to say the numbers? I see people usually focus on their social media activities as it’s one of the biggest platforms these days – which doesn’t really make sense to me.

When it comes to my personal life :

 I like things messy and let them take their own flow. One thing I can say about myself is that I am much more structured and managed than I was. I usually live alone so when I need to contact someone, I just get in touch. But usually, I need my personal space to get into my zone. Currently, I am more inclined towards my writing. I want to publish my poetry book and hopefully, a children’s book as well.  

I’ve been trying to develop a habit of writing every day. My ideal creative space is my apartment in Bangalore- where the breeze flows and my cup of black coffee or green tea always lightens up my brain cells with my fairy lights. Personally, I don’t feel there is something such a creative block, I let the inspiration come to me and let the magic happen. 

The Role of Online Newsletters:

The commonest thing we share is our love for poetry or art, in general. While curating, I don’t want the ‘perfect’ poem. I want to understand the meaning behind the piece. Something that means a lot to them, something that hits me personally. So I feel like my readers get exposed to different emotions at all points. I would say it’s much more than an online newsletter- it’s a community of like-minded people. I also try to host workshops and mini-festivals to help people share their understanding of creativity. The thing that I love is that we all need to find our personal voice. There is so much insecurity and self-doubt that gets triggered while you are creating- One needs to get past that. 

Grow and Empathize :

I feel empathy is one of the qualities that everyone should possess. The world’s filled with egotistical people and all it needs is some healing. The understanding of other people’s experiences. It’s a saying that when a writer is heartbroken or depressed, a lot of good content comes out of it. Like for instance, if I had a bad day, I’d just write a simple poem about the colors of the sky and it might end up having a subtext of my day. I just want my community of aspiring writers and artists to understand your inspirations. Reading good books and online newsletters, accepting the struggle instead of romanticizing it. Be vulnerable and prepare yourself for the journey. Have good people critique your work and always push yourself to do better.

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