Why Is Mental Health Important? – Know It from the Therapist

Why Is Mental Health Important? – Know It from the Therapist

My entire childhood, I have not been good at science or commerce. The only thing I learned I was close to excelling at was listening to people. The way I understood my friends or closed ones about their problems, no one else could. So why not choose this something for a longer-term. I had the ability to help people, then why not make it into a profession.

It’s Not Just About Listening to People :

When I began my journey in this, I thought being a therapist was all about listening to people. But it was later, I comprehended how wrong I was. Before coming into this I never had any mental health issues, at least I thought I didn’t. having to study this made me realize how every young adult suffers through some of the other mental health issues that they are unaware of. 

The mental health movement came into our country after a very long time but people are still afraid of speaking out because of judgmental minds surrounding them. It’s very important for everyone to have a safe space for opening up. The reason why we, therapists, are here. We don’t just listen to what’s going and why. We try to extract the answers from the person himself.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

I don’t understand why people are still living with the myth that if someone is going to therapists, they are ill and imbecile. Most young adults face these issues, and it increases when they don’t talk about it to someone. Coming out and talking about your problems is difficult and it’s understandable. Not everyone is okay with opening up to strangers. 

Try and talk to your friends first. I am sure you have wonderful friends who you can pour your heart out. But don’t forget that your friends will only be able to listen to you, and not provide you with the answers you are craving. That’s where I and other therapists come into place. Your mental health is extremely imperative, just the way your physical health is. The more you get everything out of your chest, the more your heart will float. 

How Is It Difficult for Me?

Someone who is coping up with so much in their life is right there. She finally had the courage to come and talk to a stranger. That stranger is me. The amount of safety, comfort, and trust that I have to build around that person is the most difficult part. Every client is different, every problem is difficult and so is the solution to it. Solution for one is a trigger point for someone else. I have to be very heedful and alert while dealing with every person. 

It’s so surprising how people are so scared of coming to therapists. But what they’re unaware of the fact that they are not alone in this. Perhaps the person right next to them is dealing with something as well. But just because they are afraid of talking, they’ll never know about each other’s condition.

Social Media Should Have a Limit :

It is because of social media, that people today know what mental health issues actually are. But there should a limit and extent to which information is put out in the open. Don’t believe everything everyone says. Believe when you know the sources are genuine. Be smart on whom you are trusting. Not everyone on social media is a therapist. 

Social media has made people aware of their anxieties, past traumas, depression, and other mental health concerns. People are questioning themselves even more than they were previously. The validation and the pressure of being something and having a fun life just the other person has created more problems. I believe that people using mental health issues for gaining popularity and followers are also going through something. That’s the only speculation as to why they are trying to pursue people’s attention.

My Say in This :

Care for your mental peace the same way you take care of your body. Talk to your parents, friends, partner, or therapists. If you are comfortable nothing else matters. I believe that everyone should see a therapist once in their life. Even if they don’t face any mental health issues, they should visit one just to discover themselves better. To discover their undiscovered selves. A lot of your concerns can be resolved by just talking. Don’t keep it to yourself. the more you suppress, the more it’s going to ruin your personal self. 

Moderation is the key. Anything consumed too much or too little can be dangerous to one. For some reason even I take a break from everything when I am not feeling like it. and I am proud of the fact that my clients understand things way better.