An Empty Cup Will Always Be Prepared for More Knowledge

An Empty Cup Will Always Be Prepared for More Knowledge

With the increase in the constant need of being popular, mental health problems have taken a huge toll on every one of us, be it middle-aged people, teenagers, or people in their late twenties. It’s so hard to believe that today, every other person is filled with anxiety, PTSD, depression and the ways that they are released are catastrophic. We cannot imagine what goes on in someone’s mind when the only possible outcome they have for every problem is suicide. With an increase in such incidents, the awareness of mental health should also increase.



Well someone had to take the responsibility of emptying others. People like to speak, talk a lot in fact, even the absolute introverted and shy ones. They only await someone who would actually listen to them. Not many in this world are good listeners as much as they are good at talking. I believe that in order to unlock new learnings and seek new principles and ideas into one’s own life, one must make themselves completely empty of their current negative energy to create a space for the new proceedings. The main objective of BE EMPTY CUP is to act as a platform for people to be able to connect to the best counseling services and help they require. A collective space for all your mental health problems


My aim and my mission with this:

This is the only platform in this entire world that connects mental health with the merchandise. Whatever proceedings we are able to accumulate from our merch, goes directly into expanding and betterment of our website. We work towards consumer satisfaction. Whoever utilizes our website to connect to a mental health expert, should be fully satisfied with the services. I believe that we best relate and understand something when we have a visual interaction for the same. The reason why I created these characters, which spread out the messages and awareness much more effectively.

Me and my team, work constantly to make this online presence very smooth and beneficial for all the people in need.


How did I start:

This lockdown taught me a lot of things I never thought I will be able to. I realized whatever I wanted others to do for me, I would learn that myself first in order to be able to get the work done properly. Initially, I was standing all alone, against everyone while working for Be Empty Cup, no one believed in me. It was later when people started seeing results coming in, that they wanted to work alongside me. I learned it the hard way, it will always be the case. People do not usually believe in something new till the time they actually see something coming from it. I have always been this person who goes against the flow. It’s never easy and going in with half knowledge is not something I’d do. When I believe in something, it is backed up with a lot of knowledge and theory.


BeEmptyCup Team: 

Today I can fairly say that we are a team of five people running the entire process smoothly and also the interns come and go whenever there is a need for extra manpower.It took me plenty of your time to induce the proper team together. Because this lockdown gave a lot of wrong ideas about certain job profiles. People not even half qualified would appear for the interview and it gets a little overwhelming when you burst their bubble with the right job profile. Today my interns and employees, not only fulfill what is in their job description but also have the freedom to learn whatever it is that they want to, which is fully sponsored by us. We provide them with a safe learning space with which we also provide them with venting out space. Running this platform made me realize that my team would also require a place where they can speak without any fear of judgment. We do keep these anonymous sessions and talk about whoever wrote whatever and try to come up with solutions for the same.


This is what I used to say to people and this is what I continue to say even today. For whoever thought I couldn’t do this on my own, for things could never change. Sab badlega. Just believe this to yourself first. If you think, things will change then they definitely will.If you think that, you’ve got the flexibility to vary those things, then things would definitely. Nobody will be there to save yourself except for you.