A Short Film That Celebrates PM Modi’s Efforts to Empower Women!

A Short Film That Celebrates PM Modi’s Efforts to Empower Women!

21st century women are fully unleashing their potential and achieving path-breaking success in every visible domain. They are proving their metal with their professional acumen, smart management skills and critical intelligence.

However, amidst all the rising stories, a decent section of women is still struggling to find the right freedom and opportunities they deserve. Our visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is passionately working on building a nation that’s a happy collaboration of men and women successes. On this path, he is also addressing crucial issues that are holding the women take the front seat in making India a global leader.

In 2019, under the leadership of PM, a revolutionary decision was taken to abandon the practice of ‘instant divorce’, commonly known as Triple Talaq. He introduced a strict law to protect millions of Muslim women who were suffering from the age-old, self-centric act.

The Social Coffee team felt a need to provide a voice to the women who want to Thank PM Modi for his empowering initiative. And we are here with a creative short film, Thank You Prime Minister Modi, that spreads the message of peace, equality and women empowerment.

The short film beautifully portrays the harsh reality of Triple Talaq practice and how a wife goes through an emotional as well as mental suffering due to its implications.

As part of the #SheInspiresUs movement initiated by the Prime Minister, were leased this short film on the International Women’s Day 2020.

Now it’s your turn to raise your voice and take this short film’s message of women empowerment to your connected community.

We have started this platform for real people around us, whose real stories have the potential to inspire every generation. For us, if you are doing you bit to help the society grow, your story needs to reach people to help them find a purpose, to find their own real inspiration.

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