An Inspiring Journey of a Superwoman Beating Cancer

An Inspiring Journey of a Superwoman Beating Cancer

Story of Mamta Verma beating cancer 

We wouldn’t wish this even on our enemy

We have all heard about people fighting cancer, see the struggles in the movies, but we always wondered if it were true or exaggerated. So we decided to see for ourselves and interview a cancer survivor. The heartbeats in the room never pumped faster, our eyes were never so wet, the excruciating pain that couldn’t be felt by any other person except for the victim was that day witnessed by all.

Why me? I wasn’t prepared for this.

Never really knowing what God has prescribed in our fate, we just blindly trust him. Whatever comes in our way, good or bad, we accept it with smiling faces, consoling ourselves that maybe it was meant to be that way, that maybe he wants to teach us something important. But what happens to your faith when you or someone close to you goes through the inexplicable harsh events of life? Does your faith start to shake up?

We are so honored to have our guest share her story with us so that any of us, who’s going through this or is seeing someone going through it, knows that they’re not alone in this. Maybe we cannot exactly know how it feels to be in their shoes but we can definitely try to empathize and be more supportive towards them Our main motto to share this story is to make you realize that we are there for you, and so many others.

The beginning of the pain:

She started to feel a lump in her breast in January 2019 and the discomfort around the underarm and breast area was increasing rapidly. Her husband and sons, without wasting any time consulted multiple doctors which then made them realize that she was diagnosed with breast cancer Stage 3C. Her world turned upside down. Everything went dark, she still wasn’t able to digest the fact that it was her.

The battle, not I, but we fought:

For a moment I thought, that this battle was just mine, the hurdles were just supposed to be crossed by me, the strength would be mine to show. The only thing I was forgetting that my family was the one fighting it beside me. I had to fight my disease, they had to protect me and themselves at every turn. My husband, sons, and my sister were the biggest support for me in this journey. It was hard for me but I forgot, it was harder for them. Beating cancer would have been more difficult alone.

The only message from me to you:

The entire journey was a life-changing experience for her. She understood that there was nothing more imperative than the support of one’s own family. Their strength becomes yours, their joy becomes yours, the constant not leaving your side becomes your will to live. So she adds “ if someone you know is going through the same, just be emotionally present for them at every stage, that will eliminate all their miseries and make the process a whole lot easier. Beating cancer becomes more easy when we have our people around us supporting and encouraging us.

Do you know someone who has an amazing story which can inspire others? Please let us know here. We would love to know their story.

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