An International Model Came Forward to Help The Dogs

An International Model Came Forward to Help The Dogs

Dogs are family for some right?!, but how many dogs have family or being treated as family? Love and affection can work as therapy, no matter for human or pets.We all know dogs are the most loyal and lovely friends of ours once they feel being loved! And surprisingly humans can be treated if they give love and care to dogs!! Strange? but no strange!! Many people benefited unknowingly by keeping pets.  Here is the unique inspirational story of Sandra hasanbasic, a supermodel from Slovakia, who has come forward to help the dogs and do  canine therapy for dogs.

Being an always dog lover, Sandra participated in a dance show back in 2005 which to achieve a dream. While all other celebs were dancing for their personal goals, she was the one who participated in dance show just to help dogs to create awareness and funds as it was her dream. Many questions raised on wasting a dream for dogs, but she was firm in her belief and cause. And she leads that movement.

Before 13 years when Sandra came to India, she decided to start helping dogs by canine therapy.

She did the research for two years on this and then began applying her research on a Swiss shepherd which she got. It is the therapy that promotes health and healing, uses dogs as therapy companions.

Like Sandra, many inspirations are around us who genuinely do many things for pets! Knocking your heart and ask yourself, can you be one of them?

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