Best bollywood movies to watch alone

Best bollywood movies to watch alone

Surviving in an era where everything is complicated and twisted like spaghetti, sometimes you need to find some love for yourself and do some ‘forgetti’. Pardon me for the pun. Sadly, in our society, our talks on mental health are shoved under the carpet, and we have not been encouraged to address it or seek help. Especially when you are going through a pandemic, there can be a lot of things that must be spiraling in your mind. Thus, just for you to catch a break- we have curated a listicle of the Best Bollywood movies to watch alone. These ‘feel-good’ soothing movies that will help calm you down and make you feel good about yourself. I mean, at the end of the day- isn’t that the point?

Bollywood moviesThere are a few scripts that come up once in a while that leave you in awe. Tamasha is one of those romantic love stories which a lot of us couldn’t understand at first- but trust me, you need to watch this movie alone. On a daily basis, we wear a veil of someone that society demands us to be — the perfect individual. Ved here is a synonym of the ‘ideal-society-like-someone.’ Whereas on the other hand, a career determined, opinionated and independent woman, Tara meets Ved on her vacation to Corsica. The storyline depicts the typical transformation of a free soul to a caged dog. The changes and the beauty showed on the screen gives you a feeling of empathy and helps you get closer to your wounds.

Also, to add the beauty captured in Corsica as well as the streets and landmarks of Delhi such as the Hauz Khas cafe will make you want to go there and get a cup of coffee and catch up on some reading as well. The movie ends with Ved chasing Tara to Japan to win her back.


Bollywood moviesThe story of this motivational Bollywood movie revolves around a deaf-blind girl and her relationship with her alcoholic teacher. This film drew inspiration from Helen Keller, an actual blind academic and activist. It is a journey of a disillusioned eccentric man and Michelle McNally lost her sight and hearing after recovering from a nasty illness at the age of two. The illness made her restless and frustrating confined in her thoughts. Even though she was uncontrollable, with the correct guidance- she manages to get a degree. The story unfolds the sentiments and emotions of helplessness disabled people, and explains how they can win over the hurdles and savor life “normally.” It does take a darker turn when her teacher is admitted to a mental asylum and gets detected with Alzheimer’s.




Bollywood moviesStarring great actors like Rajesh Khanna and Jaya Badhuri with Asrani, it is one of the best movies of the 70s. Raghu comes into the lives of the broken Sharma family as the chef and lights up the environment just by his presence. He appears out of the blue as an answer to the prayers of the family members. Little did they know that his arrival would mark a life-altering experience for all those who live there. As he reminds them that life is not about the pursuit of personal satisfaction but about the fulfillment of this emotion for others. A family that is overwhelmed with problems soon understands that all of them can be solved if the required effort is put in. Several pearls of wisdom are uncovered by their enigmatic assistant such as the little delights in life which are infinite that matter. Why worry about the greater joys in life which are less & far within? To sum up, it is an insightful feel-good movie that should not be missed if enlightenment is your hunt.


Bollywood moviesTwo words can sell this film perfectly – pure and relatable. It projects the world of a millennial who is working to make it big in the professional world making her anxious and somewhat insomniac. Elements like her not being able to cry, detachment with her childhood home, being stone-cold when waves of emotions are hitting her- slowly touch your soul. The therapist, Jug uses an unusual approach for her treatment. The charming and calming personality of Jug who doesn’t judge her for anything- just listens. The movie also breaks stereotypes around the LGBTQIA+ community and how women can want to not get married and focus on their careers instead. Her trust and abandonment issues affect her on various levels. The message is loud and clear- seeking help for everyday problems is not something to be embarrassed about.



Bollywood moviesSometimes getting lost is the best way to discover yourself. This rests at the core of Karwaan. Not all journeys turn up the way you’d imagined, and yet, they place things into perspective, be it life or relations. The film seems a lot like that. With an unusual plot that explains the relationship of Avinash with his father. He holds him accountable for crushing his hopes and dreams. However, he is left pondering upon this long-standing anger when he learns about his father’s unfortunate demise. It starts off as an obscure, bumpy trip that takes various unwanted roads, before finding its actual calling. The shots describing the beauty of the South, accompanied by our lovely Irrfan’s comic timing and cute connections make you feel content and happy. Much like its protagonist Avinash, the narrative walks around aimlessly in search of its mojo amidst a tragedy. Ultimately, unraveling a course of self-discovery.



Thus, coming to the end of our listicle, these are a few Best Bollywood movies to watch alone that touched our hearts and we hope it will do the same for you. You can find these Bollywood movies online. We understand that the pandemic can be really confusing and numb- a roller coaster ride basically. Take time out for yourself, sleep more, drink more water, and watch good movies!

Also, don’t forget to let us know how these worked out for you and share this with your friends and family. See you next time 🙂