Digital Content Creators Life Ain’t as Easy as It Seems

Digital Content Creators Life Ain’t as Easy as It Seems

Memes, Reels, tik toks, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and so much more. You are far away unknown to the civilization if you aren’t on any of these. And who deliberately wants to be that kind. Know how we call our elders orthodox, but you aren’t a part of these platforms. We fancy the lives of digital content creators, but who knows what actually goes on.

How I Started This Journey ?

I had a fun element in me and use to crack some jokes here and there. The term meme wasn’t yet introduced. Seeing my fun side, one of my friends suggested me to upload the content on social media platforms. It was an untouched area to me but I was no timid to not even try it. I just created a promise to myself that I would just make regional content. Something that my peers and fellow localities could also relate to and have a good time with. 

So I targeted two very main platforms, Instagram and YouTube. I built and polished my scripts and started uploading them. There wasn’t a lot of competition as it is now but, the content seemed to be repetitive so I decided to do something different, the reason why I only chose my regional language.

 One Thing at a Time

I am a digital content creator, but I am not just that. It is just a fraction of what I do. there are other several roles I play in day-to-day life. I am a full-time husband, a son, a father, a businessman, and a digital content creator. No part of me is not working. But I believe in giving priority to one thing at a time. If I am with my daughter, there is nothing in the world that can taint my alertness from being with her. Similarly, when I am onto my meetings and work, there is no other distraction for that very time.

This way I am able to handle every role with neatness and serendipity. Yes, there are times when roles overlap and things get messy. But given the years of my experience, I am very well able to handle them.

What Is My Usp as a Content Creator ?

I took a decision before entering this field of work, that my full attention would be on Gujarati. The reason was that I wanted to connect on a personal level with the localities. They would not only connect but also be encouraged by the fact that our language is being given importance to. People are taking it seriously. Not just the English-speaking creators are getting all the attention, but someone just like them is also being recognized.

I made several videos on short video platforms, and the response was tremendously overwhelming. My videos were going viral. People were enjoying what I did and were asking for more. I introduced a new trend of misheard lyrics, and even today on larger platforms, I am known for that. 

My Achievements and Reasons Behind It

When I started my YouTube channel and Instagram page, all my friends and family were supportive.  My wife is not only my supporter but an even bigger critic. She would point out the factors she thinks needs improvisation. Her opinions are what matters to me the most. I think as a beginner, the support of your friends and family are of utmost importance.

I do have to say, the decision of starting my business wasn’t liked by my parents initially. Quite unhappy with the fact that I was risking financially. But later they came around when they saw me doing well. Got chances as a cameo in some Gujarati films, and also collaborated with some brilliant content creators.  I strongly believe in quality over quantity. I make less content but every piece is polished over and not plagiarized.

Support Your Local Creators First

I feel blessed that I am a part of this community, but we can’t neglect the fact that there is a rat race going on. Today, every single person claims to become a content creator. This generation believes in the number of likes and followers of a page and not the quality of their content. The weird obsession over the NRI content creators has been aggressively increasing. They have been sidelining their own local creators. It takes a really sad toll on me to see this happening.

I would just like to say that, support your local artisans, creators, and market first. They deserve to be uplifted and that can be only done by the public of the country and not by anybody else. That’s how vocal for local starts I believe.