Body Conscious to Body Confident- Journey of Body Positivity Influencer

Body Conscious to Body Confident- Journey of Body Positivity Influencer

Ask yourself, when was the last time you went on a date with yourself? Just watched a movie in peace alone? Did an activity to make yourself happy? Once, twice or never? I believe the problem starts right here when you make yourself a second priority.

I have evolved in life and today I am a body positivity influencer and speak about gender discrimination.

My Normal Was Actually Normal

Growing up in a family where both the parents are working, I believed it to be normal. My mother has been the primary source of my inspiration. My grandparents didn’t have accumulated wealth, the reason why my parents were self-made. They left no stones unturned to keep our family away from societal conventions.

I grew up in Rajkot and had a happy childhood. Blessed with it I guess. Born in an era where parents were sending their children to Gujarati medium schools. My parents sent me to English medium. That was one of the topmost reasons I have a very good command of the language. The best of schooling and graduation experience is what has enhanced my communication abilities.

Double Gold Medalist

Remember one of those students who always topped and you never knew how? Yes, I was one of those students. Always a topper of my class and a scholastic child. Even though I was a very bright student, my parents never enforced their choices on me. Just because I was good in studies, they did not make me opt for science. I had full freedom of choosing the career choice I was comfortable taking.

And because of that freedom, I am a gold medalist in the degree of management. I loved public speaking and have taken part in many contests, declamations, debates, and whatnot. So after my degree, I had two paths. Either teaching or corporate. Calculating all the aspects I loved, you can guess by now, I chose the path of teaching and got my Ph.D.

My Journey on Social Media

My love for talking to new people, excavating fascinating characteristics about them never stops. The reason why I started putting myself out there on social media. In the earlier stages, it was just a platform to meet and reconnect with new and old friends. Now it has become a means to spread my opinions on causes that I am passionate about,  all across the world. It has not only worked as a medium to talk about my causes but also to unlearn and evolve.

I take social media platforms as a very strong medium to voice opinions and reach to a wider audience. It gave me an identity beyond my profession. Before, I was known only on my campus and by dear friends and relatives. Now thousands of people know me and follow my work all around.

Body Positivity Influencer

I kept my niche to be something that I have faced in life. Being a fat child growing up, I observed that people found it okay to joke around someone’s shape and size. I never understood why, but it was something very commonly observed and acquired by every individual. Those unsolicited comments on how I should drop some kgs in order to look more beautiful. I started doubting myself and my self-confidence shook. Do I love myself? Am I enough the way I am? I restricted myself from wearing certain types of clothes and stopped expressing myself entirely. Later in life, it all changed. I became older and wiser. It took me a long time to love and accept myself and I finally did it. I wore my first frock when I turned 40 and have been a fashion activist ever since. I turned from being body conscious to body confident.

Who Is Falguni Vasavda?

I now complete 23 years in the teaching industry. Life has given me so much to cherish and celebrate. A supportive and loving husband, an unorthodox environment to grow up in, a respectful career path, and a chance to change lives. I am using my social media influencing power in making little girls realize to love themselves earlier than I did. I absolutely believe in individuality over anything.

Trying to break all the social conventions and stereotypes. Your identity should not change even after marriage. You are two happy individuals leading a happier life together. People will always not like something about you, and it is absolutely okay. I am today evolved and have successfully come out of my own mental conditioning. And I would only like to keep evolving.

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