How to lead a contentful life?- 5 easy ways to be more satisfied in life.

 How to lead a contentful life?- 5 easy ways to be more satisfied in life.

The thin line of difference between happiness and satisfaction has almost become invisible to the set of minds today. We can be happy at times, but that does not always refer to satisfaction. We are so busy running after a fraction of happiness, that long term contentment has lost all its meaning to us.

Contentful life, or being content, means being satisfied for a longer period of time. It involves inner peace, a healthy lifestyle, and thought organization. When you have a clustered mind, everything that you do will lose its direction. You will be lost most of the time and not knowing where to begin with, becomes frustratingly part of your routine. A baffled mind and clumsy actions will conquer your mind.

The first step on the path to achieving contentment is wanting to have a content life. Some people still have no idea about how unorganized their life is, and that they need to incorporate changes to make themselves and their life peaceful. If you have already realized the importance of having a contentful life, then you’re kudos to you. 

After having to study this ourselves, we have designed these few very simple ways, that are really easy to adapt, but just need your dedication. You can never give up on yourself, can you? Because at the end of the day, you are all you have.

how to live a contentful life

The little joys in life:

Be more attentive to the little things that make you happy throughout the day. Up until now, you might have been avoiding it, but pay attention to the little routines that you have been following as a stress buster. Those are some really imperative parts of your day and need to be cherished and followed religiously. It could be going for a walk with yourself or someone, for some coffee with your friends, gossiping with your mom, watching tv with your dad, learning something new, there are a plethora of them. Find out that piece from your day, you have been enjoying.

How to live a satisfied life

Never belittle yourself:

Questioning yourself is one thing, but you cannot let yourself think shallow of you. You are one of a kind, of course. There is no one like you, there never will. You are not able to do something, accepted. But you give up and don’t even want to try, unacceptable. You should be the first person pushing yourself to take up challenges because the only person who can outshine you, is you. If you cannot think highly of yourself, how are others going to? You have come this far, there is a reason behind it that you have failed to vision.

contentful life

Organize your days:

The most annoying habit of all is planning everything at the end moment, and not giving ourselves enough time to utilize our capabilities to the extreme. When we do everything just to cross the deadline, we tend to lose quality. The reason why we remain unsatisfied with ourselves is knowing the fact that we could have done better but we dint. How to organize your life, you ask? Schedule your days in advance, so you have ample amount of time, to create,  plan, and give each item enough time and your full dedication and attention. Organizing is also therapeutic. It’s a major part of achieving contentful life. Organize your days, clothes, thoughts, probably everything. 

Be more optimistic 

Start with an optimistic approach:

Being a little more optimistic towards things will help you to stop focusing on the negative. It is okay to feel bad about the wrongs, being upset over little or big things, it is really okay. What is not okay, is to keep sobbing over it. What is not okay, is to not let it go and see the bright side of it. There’s always a ray of light even in the darkest room. Hold on to it, don’t let your positive energy fade away, as you attract what you are. You will be sad over things for a day or two, but when you are optimistic, you tend to pick yourself up and make it right. Be a little more positive in life. 

Be a little more grateful:

You have been able to achieve so much in life, if not the same day, maybe later, but you did it. You whined over things for a while but eventually got the hold of it. Do you ever take out a minute to appreciate what you have in life? How far you have gotten? Or How amazingly things turned out to be in your favor? If not then start doing it. It would hardly take 5 minutes for you to sit and recollect your achievements and be grateful for it. You will realize how much you have struggled for these accomplishments, and that there is no giving up for the future ones as well. 

We gave you directions and ways, but working on it is on you, isn’t it? Don’t forget that, you’re reading this, which means you have successfully taken the first step on the journey of a contentful life, which is wanting to change for the betterment of yourself. Give yourself a little push every day and you will be good to go. We love you but you have to love yourself first.   


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