ACADEMICS TO ACTING:- My journey from a science student to becoming an actor.

ACADEMICS TO ACTING:- My journey from a science student to becoming an actor.

I will always be the entertainer I am– no matter how much an individual tries, they can never completely let go of their art. Even if it’s at the age of 60, I believe their art stays within them. I am hopeful, that’s just who I am. No one can take away my art from me, not even me. Becoming an actor was never a part of my plan, but eventually, it did.


Have always been a happy go kid, blessed with two mothers. My elder sister is 9 years elder to me, she was and is still my protective blanket. She made me live the best of both worlds, a friend and stricter-than-mom mother. I always fell in the mediocre group, the only time I felt I outshined others was when I was in front of multiple eyes, performing some art or the other.

So I tried my hands in all sorts of activities, dance classes, singing classes, you name it and there’s a big probability I have done it. The one that stuck with me throughout was Bharatnatyam. It’s always been a love-hate relationship with it. As a child, I hated it, maybe because it wasn’t cool enough for me? Growing up I realized how elegantly beautiful this art form is, expressive with eyes, I call it.


As a really bright kid in my school days, I soaring higher and higher. In my 10th boards, I passed with flying colors, had just played nationals in tennis, captain of my house, I was the best version of myself, at least that’s what I believed. It all felt so surreal and butterflies around me. When I was entering high school, it felt like I had to take the biggest decision of my life, science, commerce, or arts?

 Funny how I thought that was the most crucial decision I’ll ever have to make. It was then my father told me, a pandit had predicted reading my horoscope that, one of the two things would happen, either I would excel in the science field or go south of it and succeed in the art direction.


I was gravitating more towards science because of course, a little girl who’s fascinated by the superhero movies and the power they procured. And the most important superhero, my father, was a science man. I made up my mind to pursue science and go into automobile designing. Big plans, huh? Everyone around me was rooting for science, and I thought I could do it, after all, I have been doing so well till now. Who would’ve thought it’ll turn out to be the most regretful decision of my life? I was underperforming in my academics, my marks were pea laid beside a pumpkin, the pressure from school was crushing my soul.


 I vividly remember that one day I got up at 7 AM, sat with my books and motivation and it was until 4 PM, I hardly went through 4 pages. It was impossible for me to understand a word. I knew this is my rock bottom. The first person I called was my sister. Listening to my silence and sobbing, she left everything and came running. Looking at how miserable and helpless I felt, tears started rolling down cheeks. That was the first time all four of us cried. And then the second time it happened was when I scored 73%. I passed, that was all that mattered. I did it.


Parting my ways with science, I went to a brilliant college and took up liberal studies. So many subjects and opportunities were lying in front of me. I was in my first year of college when I was introduced to theatre art, and I did my first act. Everyone was startled, the mouths only uttered, who is she? Why didn’t she act before? Let’s make her do other acts as well. It was after a long time, I felt the exact same rush I used to compass when I was young, free, and performing in the public arena.

Soon I was introduced to some very fine theatre directors, got more gigs, and plays to perform. Right there, I knew this was my calling. Now not only I performed nationally, but internationally as well. Get into my psyche, make me understand the character, and I know I can pull it off.


I am in such a happy place in my life right now, pursuing my diploma course in advertising, and still love to act. That very moment, when I am on stage, in front of so many pairs of eyes, is my time. This feeling is something no one can ever take away from me. Surrounded by others like me, and spectated by people who have the eye for the art of acting, I can say, I have found my safe place. Even in the wildest of my dreams, I never dreamt about becoming an actor, it just happened. I will never leave acting, my acting will never leave me. 

It’s not always about the numbers or school. There is so much more to life, that only life teaches you with time, the right time. You can fly high, hit your rock bottom, and always fly high again.

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