If You Want It You have to Work For It

If You Want It You have to Work For It

To all the music lovers out there… If You Want It You have to Work For It

Have you ever tried to tell your parents that you want to pursue music as your career? What was their reaction? Our artist today is someone who not only has a passion for music but has mastered an instrument of his liking. Read the story of Deep Bharuchi- who decided to pursue something unique and not settle for something ordinary.

God’s gift to me

Despite not being from a musician family, I had a desire to become a musician since childhood. I was fond of playing the dholak in temples but I never realized this fondness turning into a dream. I was spotted by my spiritual guru at one of the events and started learning in 2009. Within a short span of time I began mastering it. I put in a lot of hard work with hours of practice to fuel my passion.

Hardship is the key to Success

As they say, there is no substitute for hard work. If you want it, you have to work for it. During the course of 2 years, I became the holder of Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, RHR (Record Holder Republic-Human Achievement World Records), India Book of Records and Title of Amazing World Records was another feather in my cap where I played classical tabla for the longest duration.

Gaining Popularity

I was always passionate about music but was also pursuing C.A(Chartered Accountancy). But I didn’t want to settle for the ordinary. Thus I started performing in musical nights, Raas Garba and then decided to start my own orchestra with the help of which I went to play in different parts of Gujarat. I built up my identity as a serious musician and was contacted by someone from the USA who wanted me to coach others and this started a new chapter in my life as a teacher.

Establishing my Forte

I have developed Western Music beats called CUP RHYTHM(creating music with the help of cups and claps).  Today I represent the Indian Classical Instrument as a Tabla artist  across the world. I present India’s musical beauty and have students from countries like Switzerland and Vietnam. I am finally at a place where I can be proud of myself.


When you discover that you want to make your living in music you may have to face your parents, friends and surrounding people telling you about not having any great opportunities thus Social Coffee tries to guide what exactly  you can do about that.

1.Select an instrument which you want to learn and master it professionally.

2.Learn about the field of music and explore different artists.

3.Treat your career as a business and find opportunities to perform live.

4.Establish your online presence and start networking.

5.Create a brand around the kind of music you specialize in.

6.Market yourself and create a fan base.

7.Learn about various copyright laws so as to keep your music protected.

8.Know how to distribute your music online and otherwise.

If nothing else, just give in to your dream and work hard. And if you are talented and have a desire to make it, success will come running after you.

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