Sweat, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Sweat, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Do you consider fitness training as to something more than just losing weight or getting abs? Are you determined towards physical training? And what if you master it one day and want to take it up as your profession? Will your family and friends support you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle? Our fitness freak today is one of the few people who has made a profession out of it. He strived to get an amazing body and is half way through already.

So we dedicate today’s post to the health enthusiasts who are addicted to sweating till their body is sore, the ones who train hard and then train some more, to the ones who believe that there is no greater competition but themselves, to the ones who start and end their day with sweat, protein and hard work, to the ones who believe in staying healthy. Our bodybuilder says – that if you change your thoughts, you can change your world. He looks up to his idol and is set out to achieve his goals.

Change your thoughts and you can change your world

As you know, if we find someone with such dedication, we will tell you all the secrets too. Here is an amazing journey of Ishan, How he convinced his parents to believe in him to How he launched his own fitness business.


He says  “I have been into this professionally since the age of 19 and fitness was an imperative part of my life at that time. My parents, on other hand, wanted me to complete my post graduation after my graduation, but it wasn’t something that interested me. After a lot of convincing, they decided to support me in my journey and soon I cleared the BEC ( Basic exercise course ) exam in Singapore with flying colours. Successfully jumping over the first hurdle made my parents realize why it was important for them to support their children in what they want to do in life.


My height and weight ratio (5″9 inch/53 kgs) was becoming a major hindrance in my journey as it was not considered to be an ideal one. I set myself on the path to get myself to an idealistic body and with proper training and diet and nutrition I gained 16kgs in 10 months, i was now weighing 69kgs and for a while could not gain anymore and it was getting a lot harder than i thought it would. I kept learning new things like how to break a plateau and shock your body into responding. Then I started applying the practical aspect to my body with sufficient exercise and the right amount of nutrition. Finally I was able to break that plateau and was able to begin my bodybuilding makeover.


Efficiently enough, I became a personal trainer. This is a big field and we can never know everything, I still learn new things today, learning never stops for anyone. I take my job very seriously and have always believed in sharing. I share what I learn, it could be through my Instagram stories, posts, blogs and anyway that it could reach the public. Soon i launched my own fitness website where any fitness trainer can share his fitness expertise and educate people who have just started or are only on their way.


If we talk about achieving my fitness dream or dream body, I would say that I am at a point where I am satisfied with my body but I know I could do a lot better. I will never stop training towards my idol body. I aspire to be like my inspiration Lazar Angelov and I am sure that one day I will reach beyond him.


Have you zeroed in on your passion? Have you made a firm decision? Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life? Do you want to convert it into a viable option? Let us show you how.

1.Do your research about the field you want to explore.

2.Determine the demand for that particular field.

3.Create a long term plan and start working towards it.

4.Get the necessary qualifications in that direction.

5.Be open to suggestions and criticism from others.

6.Establish your brand and make it your trademark.

7.Build a solid network of people to learn from.

8.Create a social media presence and spread the word.

Just imagine how happy you will be when you get into a space where you can pursue what you actually desire. All it requires is hard work, dedication and persistence. Hopefully you will get to where you want soon enough.

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