My Journey of Pursuing Passion and Opening My own Clay Studio

My Journey of Pursuing Passion and Opening My own Clay Studio

What was your passion when you were a kid? Why didn’t you tried pursuing your passion? Our featured talent is one who has explored many options. She learned what works best for her is something that she can pursue by creating. She spent years discovering her true love. Finally she stumbled accidently upon something that she probably was always meant to do.

This blog is dedicated to the ones who are lost. To the ones who feel that they have no purpose. Or the ones who haven’t found their true calling. To the ones who are trying to learn through trial and error. To the ones who are stumbling through life.

Take it from our featured artist – you will get there eventually. Maybe you will not find it today or tomorrow, but soon you will get there. Let’s get started

Having my career set

I was a straight A student from my childhood. Given my amazing scores, I was encouraged to opt for Engineering. I completed my B.Tech and landed a cushy corporate job in one of the best offices in India. I worked there for 3 years. Disappointingly I knew that this was not the place for me and decided to resign from IT.

Rethinking my strategy

I applied for a Master’s degree at NIFT, but soon I understood that I was going to end up in another corporate sector after two years. Meanwhile not having a job started bothering me. None of this was pre planned. I always had a very strong sense of monetary independence and freedom which made my life even harder and unfortunately I fell into depression.

Stumbling upon my aspiration

After NIFT, I wanted to start something of my own. But I was not sure what I was looking for. I came to know about a pottery studio near my house. After joining I realised I had a liking for pottery. It has a basic nature of healing without even making you comprehend it. I felt myself giving in to the flow. Eventually I recognised the need for finances since being unemployed for a year. I almost decided to go back to IT, but my pottery teacher suggested something else. I took up a full time job as a manager at the same studio.

Pursuing my passion

I continued there for some time and learnt a lot from the people around. But I constantly had the desire of starting something of my own. This started taking shape in my mind and since I always wanted to come back to Kolkata, I moved back in August 2018. I started C/O Clay Studio with minimal investment and with lots of hope. It was with the idea of creating a place where people will love to spend some time and to use clay as the medium of healing. The beautiful nature of clay taught me the secrets of life without making me aware of the process, and I wanted to spread that beauty among people who are interested.

Pursuing Passion or a Good Salary Job?

Money is a very important factor to consider while taking up any job or position. Many people will compromise on their happiness and be practical while accepting an offer with more money. We need to find a balance between both. So how do we do that?

Go back to what you love doing to relax or as a stress buster and stop thinking about the money you might gain from it.

Ask your family if they could help support you financially while you decide. There is no shame in asking from family or you can take it as a loan from them atleast you don’t have to pay the interest.

Retake a course or study for a degree that you find interesting. The best way to find what you would love to do is to first find what exactly are your interests.

Figure out an idol that you look up to. Check out on the internet about your idol, the journey or the struggle they went through. This will keep you motivated during hard times.

Find out something that you do well and also enjoy doing. If you are still not able to find your interests or hobbies then try looking for something which is your thing. Anything in which you are a pro.

Get some professional counselling to help you pick from a few options. If you can afford then professional counselling will help you understand the right choice for you.

Send out feelers through social media, about wanting to pursue something. It would help you find like-minded people elsewhere.

Start saving money to be able to tide over in case you don’t succeed in the very first go. There’s no guarantee that you will succeed the first time, so it is always good to have some extra money as a financial security.

Lastly just do what your heart desires. Create a goal and start pursuing your passion and success will come running after you. After all Phunsuk Wangdu couldn’t actually be wrong now, could he?

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