Pets Approved, Humans Allowed

Pets Approved, Humans Allowed

Keeping pets at home while moving out is a real struggle

Pet owners often feel confused and disappointed when they have to lock their pets at home while they are going out for restaurants/ cafes! The struggle and juggle remain the same when they want to be out with their friends for a couple of hours!!

Where there is a will, there is a way!!

True pet-lovers find the ways, and especially when he is Gujarati with business come in blood! Fenil Jani a true pet lover thought on this struggle and found the unique business idea. Fenil says” we were thinking to do something for Pets which brings the Pet community together and wanted to create a unique platform where Pets are equally treated as Humans”. With this unique ideology, he along with his brother in law started a café named “Pefeteria” in Baroda, Gujarat, where one can get humans food along with a variety of food especially for pets too including desert.

Pefeteria- Pet +Cafeteria

Pefeteria describes its meaning itself – Pet +Cafeteria. This is the place where you can never get embarrassed by the barking of your dog. With a meaningful slogan like “Pets Approved, Humans Allowed”, the idea is also to provide a place to those people who cannot keep pets at home, can come and can spend valuable time their in-house pet and brand ambassador, A Labrador named “Coffee” is so famous across the city. To give back to society, pefeteria often feed street dogs from its earning.

Setting up an example and become a real inspiration

People like Fenil, are indeed creating change in society and showcasing the example of care and compassion for the pets! A unique example to get inspired for the pet lover community!!

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