Providing for those who have Nobody- Feeding the Strays

Providing for those who have Nobody- Feeding the Strays

How we started out

We began our journey in approximately 2012 and by 2020 we have grown with leaps and bounds. Our initiative basically started out on the basis of our mutual love for animals. We are friends and business partners based in Indore. The major building block of our partnership was the fact that we have loved animals all our lives. With this initiative we got the chance to care for them also as well as provide for them. Stand for Stays began with really good intentions at heart and has managed to grow exponentially since then.

Building it up bit by bit

It has been 8 years since we started out and today our little initiative has turned into something extraordinary. We began with feeding and nurturing a few strays whom we had found helpless on the side of the road. Today we feed our furry family of almost 200 stray animals which we regularly monitor and care for every single day. It has taken us a lot of effort and hard work to reach where we are today and we are really glad that we decided to take this up.

The numerous undertakings we execute

Right from taking care of the strays’ health to spaying and neutering, to getting them vaccinated is what we do. It is definitely not an easy job to say the least but it is definitely worth all the sweat and pain. Working towards the wellbeing of strays all over the city has been an amazing ride. We have had all kinds of obstacles and setbacks in one form or the other, but we have persisted nonetheless.

How have we worked our way through?

Stand for Strays is a self-funded initiative by two people and we try to take on the feeding of as many animals as possible. We don’t have a shelter but we get the injured animals treated, spayed and neutered and release them back at their respective areas. During this lockdown, we have added a lot more strays to our SFS family and now we have grown to almost 380 animals, which we feed every day. We are in this for the long haul and will keep overcoming any and all obstacles to keep fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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