My dream come true – A story of stumbling through life but finally making it

My dream come true – A story of stumbling through life but finally making it

I’m someone who wasn’t a studious girl at all but was always ready to participate in any cultural activities in school. After my schooling, I pursued CA and CAT without any progress. Months passed by and I gathered courage for the first time to do something that I would enjoy. I joined a diploma course for interior designing and for the first time in my life I was the topper in my class. I regained my confidence, but soon, some of my favorite teachers started leaving. I was told that the situation of the institution is not great and either you sit here in an empty class or move on, but these options weren’t for me. After ages I was doing great, but it all vanished. It’s very different when you truly stop believing in yourself. 

A friend suggested that I apply for an internship program in a well-known foundation and I got selected for the fellowship. I was assigned a role to work for a very prestigious NGO, for their work in North East India. This internship brought back the girl I once used to be. Two months of the fellowship in Mumbai flew by. I returned home with renewed confidence in myself and started looking for a job with a B.Com degree and the internship experience. I interviewed for many companies, learning a lot of things and finally got an offer from a company in Mumbai.

I could have never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that I would be there. Eventually I got to know about an opportunity in a very reputed industry back home which I applied for but didn’t get. I moved on knowing that this is just the beginning of my career and that I should not be disheartened. A few months later, I received a call from the same company and was asked if I can interview for the post as it was available again. I gave my interview and this time I was offered the role.

Now, I am working in a multinational company’s plant based in my hometown. It’s like a dream come true to be working for a company, you have always seen from a distance, listened to people talking about how tough it is to get a job over there and having finally made it. I am glad that I have made my family proud, who were there for me, throughout all my ups and downs in life.

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