The dread of Corona virus – How instead of panicking I bravely defeated it and returned

The dread of Corona virus – How instead of panicking I bravely defeated it and returned
I’m Doctor Jaimin Patel and I work as a medical officer at the Urban Health Center with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Since the coronavirus outbreak began in our country I was relentlessly working and fulfilling my duties as a doctor for 2 months. During this period I received complete support from my staff but unfortunately, one of my colleagues got infected by coronavirus.
On the 18th of April after completing my duties I returned home and noticed that I had started showing the symptoms of coronavirus. I did not want to panic but just to be cautious and for the welfare of my family I packed my bags and shifted into a hotel the very next day.
On Sunday, the 19th of April I decided to get myself checked and was waiting for my report which I received at 7 in the morning the very next day. My report was positive and I immediately called up 108 and got myself admitted into Sardar Vallabh Patel hospital.

I was one of the first few people in the state who contracted COVID-19

The dread in people’s eyes with regards to this disease was enough to send a grown man into a panic. In the hospital during the next 5-6 days during my treatment, I was running a high fever but I still received proper support and treatment from the doctors, nurses and the staff which I was very grateful for.
After 10 days, for two days continuously I received a negative report on the COVID-19 test and I was finally discharged from the hospital.
After returning home I was welcomed back by the members of my society with flowers and clapping and I was glad that I had managed to beat the virus somehow. The coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly. Lakhs of people have died all around the world because of not practicing safe social distancing norms.
After I received a positive report I was concerned about my wife and 11-month daughter back home, that they should not have contracted the virus because of me. But thankfully nothing of that sort had happened and I managed to return back safe and sound to my family.
I fought it valiantly just because of my kid and because I wanted to make it back for them. I hope people learn from my story and take precautionary measures. After all better safe than sorry.
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