DISCLAIMER: You might’ve read something similar earlier as well but we assure you, our ways are creditworthy as we have tried and found effective results.

How to improve your productivity? We know how difficult it is to focus on something when our minds wander on all the unnecessary issues. Sitting to work, and that one line of the song keeps recurring and it’s stuck there because you don’t even know the next line? A memory from your past that you were not expecting and it just hits your head right at the moment when you were all set to work?

You saw an outfit in the ads and now you have been on the website for hours carting all the items you weren’t even in need or plan on purchasing? There are so many ways to distract someone and so fewer ways to be focused on your work. Just ask yourself one thing, am I giving my 100%? If you know that you are lacking in working to your full potential then you are at the right stop. We have some tried and tested tips to help you focus better and be productive.

 1- Be crisp and sharp:

Improve Productivity

Sitting or going to work in a lousy attire will make you feel lazier and dizzier. The clothes you wear decide your work mode for the day. If you wear pajamas, it’s natural you are going to stretch yourself as much as possible to get comfortable. So make sure to wear crisp professional attire even if you have to work from home. Putting on attire will psychologically make you feel more attentive and focused on your work. To keep things more interesting, keep up with the fashion trends. There are tons of pieces out there that fit your personality perfectly. Feel more confident and fresh.

 2- Phony productivity:

Productivity Techniques

There is a very thin line of difference between being productive and pretending to be. You do things to make yourself seem like you’re working but actually, you know that you are just adding unnecessary steps to your work, which could’ve been avoided. If something can be done with just a text or call, avoid calling or going to a meeting for it. You can save a lot of your time and focus on the actual work rather than wasting a ton of time. By avoiding disguise steps, your work can be done more efficiently.

3-   An organized work station:

Organized Desk

As we know clustered things mean a cluttered mind. Your mind will reflect and work in the same way it projects what’s in front of it. If you see something that is messy, your thought process will work in the same way. Similarly, if you see something that is organized, and neat, your mind will start to declutter all the thoughts that are unwanted and organize your ideas in a mannered way.

Try to keep your work desk or work station organized. Keep things that you require or use every single day on your desk or on the topmost drawer where you can easily reach. The other less important products can be organized in the other drawers. You can also pin your present task right in front of you to remind yourself about your current tasks.  

 4-  Take regular breaks:  

Break during Work

We were talking about productivity and now all of a sudden we are asking you to take breaks? Well, work and breaks are equally fundamental steps in achieving more productivity. This is also a part of the 90 minutes rule. Don’t work more or less than 90 minutes at a time. You have to give yourself a few minutes of relaxation before starting to work again.

Your mind needs rest in the same manner your body needs rest after physical work. Stop stressing or exploiting your mind. This will not only bring down your productivity but your creativity as well. Taking regular breaks is more of a necessity than choice. Just put your head down or lie back and close your eyes. Feels like hours of heaven, doesn’t it?

5-  Achievable challenge:

Be more productive

Who said to not challenge yourself? Definitely not us. Everyday challenge yourself even more than before but make sure you’re not exhausting yourself over it. When you challenge yourself with something unachievable, all you will feel is a disappointment, and your morale will immediately go down which again means a decrease in productivity. Challenge yourself with things you know you can achieve without draining your mental peace.

To help you in this, put all your difficult tasks before lunch when your mind is fresh and more active. Put all your work lined up, but in case you get an impromptu task that you know can be done in 5 minutes, then do that immediately leaving the current work aside.


We really hope these tips and tricks help you in being more productive and you achieve whatever you are aiming for. Not everyone forces themselves to be more productive towards their work. We are absolutely proud of you. Improving productivity is not as easy as it sounds, it takes more effort and energy to do so.  But we know you can achieve it by following the above-mentioned steps. All the best. 


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