Walking to the path that has never been decided!-An inspirational story

Walking to the path that has never been decided!-An inspirational story

We have Rutu Thakkar, 23-year-old young makeup and hair artist having a PhD in this subject, with us to share her inspirational story on how she became an owner of a salon at such a young age and what she won and lost during this journey. Rutu was always a tomboy and happy-go-lucky personality who wanted to become part of the Army, she was like other children who dream to be in the best profession where she could get respect. Her mother owned a small beauty parlor where she did all salon work, and Rutu never wanted to peruse that.

But one incident changed the path. Once her mother took many orders or bridal mehandi and then the girl, who was working for her mother hadn’t come. It was a financial loss for her mother. Rutu being the witness of all these situations and realized her responsibility to help her mother. The journey starts there. She learned Mehandi and did it well for the next six years, and then after she learned all make-up and hair art.

Pursuing passion costs many things…!!

During her journey,the feeling of losing her childhood was constant there. She used to help her mother in her orders and worked hard along with her for day and night and tried to help as much as she could. She couldn’t make the best buddies and missed chilling out with them when she was a teenager. Her mind was constantly thinking about her clients and orders. Even she regrets spoiling her college life as she used to go to college just to give exams. in a way, she became a mature girl in so young age. But she missed and regret all those fun moments that she couldn’t live like a normal girl.

Support is all an artist required…!!

Any artist requires support when they embark to pursue their dreams. Rutu added that she was fortunate having a few supportive friends and teachers who allowed her some flexibility in her school and colleges. Friends understood her passion and responsibilities and never tried to force her for anything. On the other side, she thinks that some of the family members and society were not supportive at all. People including some family members were not used to thank and appreciate her hard work. But at a certain point, she used to carefree for all these matters and developed high negligence for better growth.

Having the highest degree in this isn’t enough to get respect!!

Rutu shared her experience of society when it comes to giving respect to her profession. People want her and her work when they required but at the back, the salon profession which she perused is not given much value like other professions. Having so many degrees in make-up and hair styling and owning a salon with a good amount of earning isn’t enough for people and they compare her with normal 9 to 5 job working people. She used to offend some times but now she very well understood the mentality of people and learned the best coping mechanism.

Coping mantra:- Involve yourself in work and don’t listen to judgmental society!

Rutu said that by losing all her childhood and golden times, she choose this profession and her passion. She feels happiness in learning new things in the same line and wanted to do more and more and achieve the best. She doesn’t believe to fit in the frame that typical Indian society has built for a girl and further said that “People will judge you anyway, no matter how you look, how you work. Why care about them? Involve yourself in your work that you don’t get time to listen to anybody’s nonsense. Do what you love, wear what you want to, talk to anyone with you want to! Nothing matters when you respect yourself and love your work”

From this inspirational story of Rutu, it is proved that- Artists are a good mixture of talent, hard work, persistence, courage, and their mindset too!

If you are having any such inspirational story around you than let us know.

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