Who are we to decide the wrongs and rights?

Who are we to decide the wrongs and rights?

It is a basic human tendency to judge people when they do not work or behave according to what is right for us. We set our minds to believe what is right and what is wrong, and we want people to act accordingly. So technically, we are setting those beliefs not just for ourselves but for them as well. But the main question is who are we to decide what’s the right path for them, what should they do, what should they wear, how should they act? No one. None of us are qualified enough to be judging someone else, because again when you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers are being pointed back at you. So if we are not perfect, what gives us the authority to criticize them.

What is the right way?

There is a thin line of difference between knowing what is right and believing what is right. We sometimes overwhelm people with our beliefs and norms because they were enforced on us by the older generation, so we continue the same with the coming one. Closing all the windows of self-growth, mind growth, stopping to explore different areas of opportunities, we closed ourselves into the so-called righteous cage and cut our own wings. The problem starts when there is a black sheep in the family. Someone who wants to fly, someone who has the drive to do something far away and the opposite of what’s been taught. Some people are able to push everything and everyone that hinders their path, on the other hand,  some get stuck at the hurdle and never overcome it.

But what if, they do want to get over it someday, what if they want to stop pitying themselves one day, what if one day, they don’t want to fear about what opinions others hold of them. Do we have an age limit to it? How would you react to it?


I got married before entering my 20s and had children very early. My whole life went on looking after them and then after my grandchildren. I loved knitting but it never struck me to do something more with it. I used to knit for my friends and family because it gave me happiness and I wasn’t expecting anything in return. I was good at it. Three years ago, my granddaughter Kiku, came with the desire to learn knitting from me, my heart was filled with joy and my eyes with tears. This was the first time my skills would be put into better use and that someone wanted to learn what I was good at. After a while, my granddaughter pitched the idea of opening up a business with my skills. I thought she was just playing around as even I wasn’t sure of my work. “Nobody would pay for my sweaters” which is also what my husband agreed too and the rest of our family.

But Kiku stood firm on her words and posted all my work on her social media. Before EOD, I received my first order, I remember just sitting in my balcony with tears in my eyes as it still was an unbelievable thing to me. I couldn’t have imagined it in the wildest of my dreams of what my life had for me at the age of 72. Most people at this age are either in wheelchairs, dead or dependent on their family for even the basic needs and look at me, I just became an entrepreneur. To me, even the first 600 bucks felt like a million as it was the first time something like this happened to me in 72 years.

How did your family/friends react?

The reason why everyone laughed at me initially was that even I questioned myself. The only person who saw this talent of mine was my granddaughter and nothing could have been possible without her admiration to make her Nani a businesswoman. Most of my friends were surprised but inspired. They all knew I could knit and I was but see me built a business on it came as a big surprise to all of them. Today all my family supports me in all the ways possible, as they know I have found a medium to pursue my hobby as a profession and they all leave no opportunity to encourage me in every way possible.

The feeling is inexplicable.

“ I wish I started this earlier” this thought always crosses my mind, but we can do nothing over spilled milk. I am glad that someone saw my talent worth investing and I started this because better late than never. Now people will remember me for a different reason which is so much more than I ever expected. I feel so wonderful, the love and respect I get for my work are overwhelming. It feels so good when people appreciate me for something I didn’t even know I had. It’s a great feeling to wake up and have something to look forward to every single day.

I just want to say “we have one life to live, we all make mistakes, we fail but sometimes we also end up finding our calling. I found mine at the age of 72. Believe in yourself and never get scared to try something. So, can you tell us a real life story that is truly inspiring? If yes, than send us your story and let the world know about it.

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